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Вот она. идеальная машина убийства!
Вот она. идеальная машина убийства!


Terrier is a highly mobile general support engineer vehicle optimised for battlefield preparation in the indirect fire zone.
It will replace the existing Combat Engineer Tractor (CET) from 2011, providing mobility support (obstacle and route clearance), counter-mobility (digging of anti-tank ditches and other obstacles) and survivability (digging of trenches and Armoured Fighting Vehicle slots). Terrier will be be faster and more mobile and will have more effective armour and mine protection than the CET.
Terrier is operated by a crew of two or may be operated remotely in particularly hazardous environments. The vehicle can also tow a trailer
carrying fascines, trackway and the Python minefield breaching system, clear scatterable mines, remove or enhance obstacles and establish routes while keeping pace with other armoured vehicles such as the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
Terrier is fitted with day and night vision systems and is air-portable.


Trojan is a new armoured engineer vehicle designed to breach complex battlefield obstacles and clear a path through minefields.

Standard equipment includes a dozer blade, mineplough and excavator arm. Along with Titan it gives a common heavy Armoured Engineer fleet. A Full-Width Mine Plough can be mounted at the front to clear mines and a marking system can also be fitted. It can also carry fascines to drop into ditches and tow a trailer-mounted rocket-propelled mineclearing system.
Improved visibility is achieved by incorporating direct and indirect vision devices with low light,
image intensifying and thermal imaging capabilities. The interior, and to some extent the exterior, of the vehicles have been designed around the crew station positions.
Trojan has the flexibility to support a wide range of operations, including humanitarian missions.

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